Women Empowerment Essay

essay on women’s empowerment?

We are living in a age where women is rising to their feet and demand to be empowered. For far to long women in general was classified as the weaker sex and considered to be bare feet in the winter and pregnant in the summer.

But the time for total empowerment has finally arrived which will effect and alter the cause of life style of millions of women all over the world to rise up and become that person that God intends them to be. All women over the world have the right to be empowered to rise above their situations and to be enlightened and to ultimately reach their full potential.

Over decades it was men that filled the high profiled vacancies whilst women had to fill the low ounce’s and very often if the high profile vacancies was filled, was compensated with a less remuneration.

We were born for a time such as this when the women will take their rightful place in the working place and will be part of the leaders of tomorrow. Don’t’ allow negative word or actions determine your thinking process and ultimately cloud your vision for what God intends you to be and have in life.

Let us be strong and say “Some see things as they are and say why?, but we women, see things that never was and say, Why not.

Let us walk together toward our goal steadfastly with our heart and minds made up and united that nothing will be able to stop us now. We are quite capable and determined that this time, we will succeed to change the circle of reproach and down trodden specy of underpowerd females.

Women Empowerment Essay
Women Empowerment Essay

Women Empowerment Essay

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Em try your own brain? What do you mean get a essay? Do you mean get an essay? Why would you want to get an essay if you´ve been asked to write one? What good is it going to do you?

Women Empowerment Essay
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