Self Defense Testicles

Hit to Testicles Really Works?

I have taken a Self Defense class for women that just got done and we learned a lot of good techniques, many of them focus on striking the male’s testicles. I know guys are weak down there, but does a kick to his testicles really work that well? I’ve never done this to a guy yet. And I assume that it works, but want to make sure before I use this that it does work like they say it does.

Have other women out there used a kick/knee/punch to a guy’s groin with good effect? How well did it work? What happened to the guy after you hit him there? DId you only have to hit him once? Or many times?


I think it really depends on the guy. I’ve never hit a guy between the legs on purpose before. I’ve accidentally squashed my BF’s balls with my knee while play-wrestling with him. He immediately curled up and was in pain for about 15 mins! I felt SO bad. He has very large ones, so I don’t know if it made the pain worse.

I’ve seen other guys get kicked or hit in the genitals. The worst reaction was the guy vomiting. I think it’s cruel when women make fun of guys by hitting their testicles.

It’s kind of ironic that the source of a male’s greatest pleasure (his genitals) is also the source of his greatest pain.

I’ve been hit in my groin a couple of times before, and it never hurt that bad. I guess it makes sense, since testicles are essentially internal organs. I wouldn’t want to have a pair of organs dangling between my legs like that!

I’m glad I’m female.

Self Defense Testicles
Self Defense Testicles

Self Defense Testicles

Challenge: Ovaries vs Testicles?

I’m sick of watching movies where a woman defeats a man by a attacking his balls. That’s a lie. I want to prove that kind of attacks are not effective at all. The balls of a real MAN can take anything from a weak woman. I challenge any woman (specially the so called Martial Artists or experts in Self Defense) to put me KO, using as many attacks to my balls as she wants. There’s no way a girl can hurt my balls. Any kind of attacks as long as they donĀ“t use weapons. You put the conditions. I give you money if you win. (Please only WOMEN answer this question)

While this particular attack may not be effective on you I’ve seen plenty of guys in the seven years that I’ve studied dropped like a hot stone from an accidental kick to the groin.Any sensible instructor will teach women about this and soft tissue attacks while teaching them escape techniques.
I was an assistant instructor in one school that I belonged to for a few years and I always taught women this along with the proper escape techniques.Some idiot spend their time teaching them to throw fancy kicks and right crosses to defend themselves.I think a groin attack is the lesser of two evils in this case.

Self Defense Testicles
In which I kick some… testicles

Self Defense Testicles

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