Self Defense Lesson Plans

I am a beginner in Hapkido. I attend class 3 times a week. How long should it take me to earn a Black Belt?

I am 38 years old with 17 years security experience in which I have received countless hours of self-defense training. However, I have never had formal lessons in the martial arts. I am dedicated to this new endeavor in Hapkido and plan to progress well. I chose to study Hapkido because of the techniques having both soft and hard elements. I understand once a Black Belt is earned, it merely indicates I will have a good grasp on the fundamentals and will now REALLY begin to learn. I am curious how long it SHOULD take me to earn a Black Belt with the degree of effort I am committing myself to.

3-5 years if you are already in good shape. traditional Korean arts usually have a fairly strict testing schedule. you should be able to tell after a couple of tests how well you are going to advance. slow isn’t always bad!

Self Defense Lesson Plans
Self Defense Lesson Plans

Self Defense Lesson Plans

Is there any easy ways to increase my strength?

Okay, as my title says is there any easy way to increase strength?

I want to be able to defend myself if I ever get attacked I already know self defense (I have lessons).

I currently do 20-25 push ups everyday (I’m planning on doing 5 more every week or so) and ‘sometimes’ do 30 sit ups (When I feel like it)

So what exercises should I do to increase my strength?

(Please note that i’m still a school boy and I don’t have much money so don’t recommend me the gym or weights)

you practise yoga, pranayam, meditation within month your strength will be doubled

Self Defense Lesson Plans
my self defence info.

Self Defense Lesson Plans

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